Artificial Intelligence Scientist

at Charles River Analytics
Published May 26, 2023
Location Cambridge, MA
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Charles River Analytics creates solutions and technology to tackle the world's most challenging problems. Our team of technological entrepreneurs works together to push at the forefront of enhanced AI, robotics, smart sensing, and human-centered computing. The resulting research and development help to continuously advance government programs and discover new possibilities in the commercial marketplace. We are a 100% employee-owned company, encouraging participation, innovation, and responsibility from our entire staff. At Charles River, we take great pride in our success at attracting and retaining the most talented and creative problem-solvers in our field. Are you interested in being an Employee Owner at one of Boston's Best Places to Work ? If this sounds like you, then we'd love to hear from you!

Are you passionate about new approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or building and designing Adaptive Training Systems? We are seeking scientists with demonstrated expertise in a one or more AI techniques across training and analysis applications, including: machine learning, symbolic AI, AI architectures, programming languages, intelligent virtual agents, cognitive architectures, and/or AI methods to drive tutoring behaviors. In this position, you will collaborate with and lead teams of scientists, software engineers, subject matter experts and designers. You will collaborate with researchers at top universities and research labs to create the next generation of AI technologies.

You will be able to immediately contribute to well-funded ongoing research programs across this spectrum, and you will have the flexibility to expand those research thrusts into additional areas of your research interests as you pursue, collaborate on, and lead projects in these areas.

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Some current challenges include:

  • Combining symbolic and sub-symbolic AI approaches
  • Developing programming languages and domain specific languages to specify new AI architectures
  • Creating interactive intelligent virtual agents
  • Developing integrated cognitive architectures
  • Developing advanced computer-generated forces for training applications
  • Developing algorithms for customizing training objectives to training needs/priorities
  • Learning representations of expert versus novice skill levels to guide training processes

Potential areas to be explored include:

  • AI for assessing performance and adapting training
  • New methods for adapting training content to individual needs
  • Applications of machine learning to model learning curves and training progression
  • Opportunities for learning transfer in career development
  • Methods to guide instructors to produce more effective training and/or handle more students
  • Methods to motivate more effective learning in training applications
  • Integrations of intelligent tutoring systems with games and simulations
  • Applications of agent architectures and/or cognitive models for virtual coaching
  • Empirical evaluations of training and intelligent tutoring systems

What do you need?

  • PhD in Computer Science (or a related field) or equivalent work experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence or Adaptive Training
  • Strong written and verbal skills and prior experience in proposal writing, customer interaction, and presentation at technical conferences
  • Experience in Artificial Intelligence in one or more subfields e.g.: Adaptive Training, Intelligent Tutoring, Machine Learning, Cognitive Architectures, Intelligent Virtual Agents, AI Programming Languages. We are open to candidates with mid to senior/lead level experience for this role.
  • U.S. Citizenship

What does our ideal candidate have?

  • Hands-on experience any of the AI subfields mentioned above
  • Experience working with DARPA, AFRL, ONR, ARL and/or IARPA or any other related government organizations
  • Technical or peer-reviewed publications in any of the above fields

Why Charles River?

Charles River Analytics is a 100% employee-owned company that thrives on collaboration and values each employee owner. We offer competitive compensation plus bonuses, profit-sharing, and an attractive benefits package. Our benefits include 100% employer-paid medical and dental insurance as well as vision, life, and disability insurance; paid maternity/paternity leave; tuition reimbursement; monthly gym allowance; free parking; generous paid time off; and a casual environment. We are also accessible by public transportation. We offer a hybrid onsite/remote (60/40) schedule with tremendous flexibility. At Charles River, we truly value work-life balance.