Artificial Intelligence Engineer

at Acro Service Corp
Published September 23, 2023
Location Moline, IL
Category Default  
Job Type Contractor  Full-time  


Only US citizens, Green Card Holders.

Skill Set Requirements:

- Must have a general understanding of Data Engineering to include: basic data wrangling for structured and unstructured data, basic data feature analysis, structured data loading into cloud storage or data lake, and they must be familiar with cracking and chunking unstructured data

- Generative AI: looking for candidates who are familiar with all models offered by OpenAI, familiar with opensource foundation models, and who have an understanding of langchain.

- Data Serving: experience with types of retrieval mechanisms to support RAG (other than ACS), and demonstrate out of the box thinking on RAG, not just the boilerplate examples published up to this point

- Vector Database (DB): should be familiar with embeddings, and have intermediate knowledge of Vector DB

- Experience with creating Jupyter Notebooks

- Must be familiar with Databricks (preferred), or other pipeline tools

Skills that will set you apart:

- Python experience and backend AWS API engineering for REST services a plus

- Experience with react and frontend engineering is plus

- Knowledge of or experience with emerging benchmarking tools for RAG, opensource or vendor